A curation of products for authentic lifestyle well lived...

Couple in life and creativity, Jenny and Freddie Cipoletti have been delivering visually striking and editorially based content across multiple verticals and digital platforms since 2011, working with the industry's premier fashion houses, luxury hospitality groups, and food and beverage clients.

Together, they have created a world of visual inspiration and escapism with millions of devout followers. They breathe new life, inject style, beauty, and art into everything they curate. Their compulsive love for an authentic lifestyle well lived has birthed the launch of their namesake brand and website, The Cipoletti's, a digital destination with a growing curation of goods that are representative of an authentic lifestyle well lived.

The exactness of intention produces elegance of style - from meaningful home and garden to purposeful wardrobe favorites and an upcoming book; you're invited to shop all of the products that make them feel most at home.